A' Design Award Support
A' Design Award and Competition is looking forward for your successful participation. We are pleased to support you through Entry Instructions, Frequently Asked Questions, How to Guides, Account Services and Contacts.
Entry Instructions

We are pleased to offer you detailed entry guidelines explaining the design award entry and nomination process from start to finish. You will find step by step instructions to successfully nominate your design for award consideration. Vew design nomination and award entry instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get instant answers to hundreds of questions at our Frequently Asked Questions page, and if you do not find your question already answered please feel free to ask any other questions by contacting us. Access frequently asked questions about A' Design Award & Competitions.

How to Guides

How to Guides Page will present you step by step instructions and detailed guidelines for preparing design presentations, taking the best designer profile photos, using nomination tickets and will further provide you with information on how to protect your design rights. Read how to guidelines.

Account Services

Account Services page provides a list of manual services that are available for the benefit of award winners and participants such as services for changing nomination categories, withdrawing entries, restoring deleted projects, updating designs, merging or splitting accounts. View all available account services.

Contact Us

We are here to help you. Whenever and whatever you need, feel free to contact our 24/7 support service. Depending on the urgency of your inquiry you will have the opportunity to request urgent support. Contact Us now for any questions or help you need.