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This page provides an overview of the A' Design Award Winner Logo license given to awarded designers and brands to highlight themselves with good design.

Benefit of A' Design Award Logo
Prior studies shows that "Design Award Winner" logo, when placed on products (or product packaging) results in higher sales and higher value for the products being sold. When used for communication and marketing, the A' Design Award logo provides credibility, respect and peer recognition. Highlight your design excellence by displaying the globally recognized A' Design Award logo that receives billions of impressions each year.

The A' Design Award Winner Label and Logo is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance your brand recognition, establish trust with your audience, and set you apart as a leader in design excellence. By proudly displaying this prestigious logo across your marketing efforts, products, and communications, you can tap into the global prestige and credibility associated with the A' Design Award.

Integrating the A' Design Award Winner Label and Logo into your brand identity and marketing materials instantly elevates your brand's prestige. This prestigious logo communicates your commitment to design excellence and innovation, setting you apart from competitors and attracting the attention of potential customers, partners, and industry leaders.

Displaying the A' Design Award Winner Label and Logo on your products, packaging, and marketing communications establishes trust and credibility with your target audience. The globally recognized A' Design Award Winner Logo is a symbol of design excellence that communicates to your customers of the superior design quality and innovation value of your offerings, influencing their purchasing decisions and fostering long-term brand loyalty.

Incorporating the A' Design Award Winner Label and Logo into your marketing campaigns, advertisements, and promotional materials significantly amplifies their impact and reach. This eye-catching logo draws attention to your award-winning status, making your marketing efforts more compelling, memorable, and effective in engaging your target audience.

Showcasing the A' Design Award Winner Label and Logo on your website, social media profiles, and online portfolios enhances your digital presence and credibility. The prestigious A' Design Award Winner Logo attracts the attention of online visitors, establishes your authority in the design industry, and drives more traffic and engagement to your online platforms.

Leveraging the A' Design Award Winner Label and Logo gives you a powerful competitive advantage in your industry. By aligning your brand with the global recognition and prestige of the A' Design Award, you differentiate yourself from competitors, attract more clients and customers, and open doors to new opportunities for growth and success.

The A' Design Award logo offers practical and tangible benefits to winning brands, enterprises, and companies by enhancing marketing and brand recognition, increasing sales, driving business development, and fostering internal motivation. The perpetual license provides long-term value, making the logo an invaluable asset for award-winning brands to differentiate themselves, build credibility, and drive growth.

Lifetime Logo License
A' Design Award winners are able to use and integrate the "Design Award Winner" logo to their marketing and communication without yearly fees as a part of our no further fees policy; while other prestigious design awards could charge yearly fees, the A' Design Award and Competition does not charge any yearly fees, and provides high-resolution logos to all design award winners without exception. Companies use place and use these logos to products and product packaging to improve overall value, while designers often integrate the design award winner logo to their communication and portfolio to improve their brand value. Laureates also integrate the logo to their marketing materials, advertisements and websites. All winners use the A' Design Award winner logo to distinguish and highlight themselves as pioneers of good design.

Logo Types
A' Design Award & Competition has several logos and badges that are licensed to participants for lifetime free usage. Distinct logos and badges are available for winners, participants and runner-ups. First of all, there are the Award Status Logos that indicate the result of the competition. Next, there are logos with QR functionality embedded into them to prove that the design is a winner of the A' Design Award, finally product designs are granted right to use the Prime Design Mark to indicate good design in addition to the Design Award Winner logos. We have a page here that provides further images and color variations of the logos.

Logo Variants V2 are Shown Below

Award Winner Logo

Winner Logo V2
Winner Flag

Black Flag V2
Award Winner Flag

Red Flag V2
Good Design Logo

Good Design V2

Laureal Wreath V2
Award Ribbon

Red Ribbon V2
Award Symbol

Pick V2
Prime Design Mark

Prime Design Mark V2
Winner Badge

Industry Badge V2
Award Coin

Selection Coin V2
Award Shield

Shield V2
5-Star Rating

5-Star V2
Good Design Mark

Good Design Mark V2

Fig.1 : V1 Logo and Badges that are made available to A' Design Award Laureates

Logo Variants V1 are Shown Below


Fig.2 : V1 Logo and Badges that are made available to A' Design Award Laureates

Award Status Logos
Nominee, Participant, Runner-Up, A' Award Winner (Iron A' Design Award), Silver A' Design Award, Bronze A' Design Award, Gold A' Design Award and Ultimate A' Design Award. Furthermore, winner companies can use "A' Design Award: Winner Company" logo, likewise instructors, faculty members and countries can also use the specialized logos. The traditional "Award Winner (YEAR)" logo is suggested to be integrated to your marketing. Most companies will integrate this logo to their packaging or catalogs, as well as a part of their email signatures.

Logo Integration
Winning A' Design Award could be compared to obtaining a quality certificate for design. A' Design Award logo could be used during marketing campaigns to highlight the inherent design quality of the products and designs. Winners use the A' Design Award logo during trade-fairs and events, as they help attract further attention. Winners also integrate the A' Design Award logo to their catalogs, video-presentations, product-brochures, post-cards, flyers, websites, news communications, press releases, to the products themselves, to social networks, biographies, and product advertisements.

Prime Design Mark
The Prime Design Seal and Prime Design Mark scheme was started to promote good design practices among companies by providing a solid reference for customers while making their purchase decisions. The Prime Design Mark which signals good design is awarded to products or services that meet a certain level of original design quality, which positively differentiates the awardees from commoditized offerings. The quality criteria are based on the form and function of the licensed product or service. If a product has a prime design mark, it means, the awarded design is considered a good design; it has a better, distinct form or function that aim to improve the customer satisfaction. Prime Design Mark are granted only for award winning product designs that are already in the market or will be released to marked. Prime Design Mark is provided free of charge to eligible A' Design Award winners upon physical inspection of the product, please kindly note that not all applicants might be given the logo. The logo also includes a verifiable licensing identifier to make sure that it is only used in an authentic way.

Obtaining the Logo
Winners can download high-resolution, transparent background, QR-Integrated or vector version logos directly from their control panel once they are granted the award. The A' Design Award does not ask yearly licensing fees; i.e. the logos are granted free for the lifetime of the awarded projects or entities. If you are an A' Design Award winner, click here to access to high-resolution download of the design award winner logo.

The Prime Artifact
The Prime Artifact, the winner's logo for the prestigious A' Design Award, is a true masterpiece that embodies the essence of exceptional design. Its striking design is the result of a meticulous crafting process that draws inspiration from the principles of the golden ratio, a timeless concept that has been used by artists and architects for centuries to achieve visual balance and harmony. At its core, the Prime Artifact represents the infinite possibilities of the design process, a tribute to the modern alchemist who transforms mere ideas into reality. The logo's design is influenced by the octahedron diamond crystals projected on the golden rectangle, resulting in a captivating shape that seamlessly blends geometric and organic shapes. The logo's sharp geometric edges and soft organic curves are a testament to the duality of design, where logic and emotions, knowledge and exploration are brought together to create something truly exceptional. The contrast between the logo's exterior and interior, the geometric and the organic, symbolizes the depth of the design process that goes into creating a masterpiece. When two Prime Artifact logos are put together, a shape that resembles the number eight or infinity is created. This infinity shape serves as a powerful reminder that designers have infinite creative capacity, capable of achieving perfection, wealth, and luck. The shape of the logo brings together core perfect geometric forms of square, triangle, and circle. The triangle symbolizes ascension, manifestation, illumination, and integration, while the circle represents perfection, wholeness, focus, and awareness. Together, these shapes evoke a sense of balance, duality, and unity. The Prime Artifact logo has been designed to bring luck and inspiration, to be used as a charm for ideas, creativity, and wisdom. The logo's upper half has the form of the letter A in its archaic simplified form, representing the state of being first, better, or superior. This iconic logo has been specially designed for the A' Design Awards and is a unique aspect of the A' Design Accolades. Incorporating the Prime Artifact logo into your branding not only aligns your brand with the powerful design concepts but also sets your brand apart as an emblem of innovation and creativity. The captivating logo conveys passion and energy, instantly attracting the eye and making a bold, memorable statement. By leveraging the power of the Prime Artifact logo, you elevate your brand's image and evoke a sense of trust and admiration from your customers and clients.

The A' Design Award Winner Logo License Document
The A' Design Award Winner Logo License Document, integral to the A' Design Prize, heralds a new era of legal empowerment and recognition for its laureates, offering them an important, perpetual, worldwide, unlimited, royalty-free license to use the esteemed A' Design Award Winner Logos. This legal accord not only permits but also validates the use of the A' Design Award's Winner Logos, empowering A' Design Award winner designers and brands to elevate their prestige and credibility across the design industry and beyond. The A' Design Award Winner Logo License Document is a testament to the trust A' Design Award places in its winners, allowing them to legally showcase their design achievements globally, integrate the Winner Logo into packaging, marketing, and communication efforts, and confidently promote their award-winning work without worrying about annual licensing fees or expiring agreements; the A' Design Award Winner Logo is provided to you for lifetime, without any annual fees and the The A' Design Award Winner Logo License Document gives you a paperwork that you can use for this purpose. The A' Design Award Winner Logo License Document stands as a strategic asset for A' Design Award winners, providing them with the freedom to highlight their good design quality on any platform and media, reinforcing their market presence and setting them apart in competitive environments. For A' Design Award winners, the A' Design Award Winner Logo License Document also servers as recognition of design excellence as well as offers a solid legal foundation for showcasing their achievements while preserving the A' Design Award's integrity and prestige. By delineating clear usage terms, the A' Design Award Winner Logo License Document, which can be downloaded from A' Design Award control panel together with all other logos, ensures that the presentation of the Winner Logo remains consistent and distinguished, furthering the A' Design Award's mission to promote outstanding design and its societal benefits. This comprehensive logo license symbolizes the A' Design Award's confidence in its laureates, enabling them to leverage their award for lasting impact, showcase their status as design innovators, and differentiate their products and services in the marketplace. Ultimately, the A' Design Award Winner Logo License Document is not just about the use of a logo; it is about empowering laureates to make the world a better place through the power of good design, one project at a time. Access the A' Design Award Winner Logo License Document now.

Benefits of Obtaining the A' Design Award Logo
The A' Design Award offers numerous benefits for brands, creative agencies, and individual designers. Winning the A' Design Award and utilizing the A' Design Award Winner Logo can lead to increased brand recognition, differentiation, and consumer trust. This recognition may translate to improved sales, cost savings, and expanded market reach through affiliates and partners.

Immediate Recognition and Differentiation
Adding the A' Design Award Winner Logo to product packaging and marketing materials can help differentiate your product from that of competitors. Consumers recognize the A' Design Award Winner logo and associate it with innovation quality and design excellence, leading to quicker purchasing decisions. This may help increase your sales volume, sales price, or profits depending on your strategy. Ultimately, this immediate recognition and differentiation can contribute to increased market share and a stronger competitive position in your industry.

Cost Savings and Long-Term Value
The perpetual, worldwide license allows unlimited A' Design Award Winner Logo usage without recurring fees, providing long-term cost savings. Brands can leverage A' Design Award Winner Logo, a cost-free marketing asset for a lifetime, maximizing return on investment through enhanced credibility, improved branding, and reduced marketing expenses. These cost savings can be reinvested into other areas of the business, such as research and development or expansion, further contributing to the brand's long-term success and profitability.

Enhanced Consumer Trust and Sales Conversion
Incorporating the A' Design Award Winner Logo on e-commerce product pages, QR codes, and point-of-sale materials builds consumer trust. Enhanced consumer trust may translate to higher conversion rates, improved customer loyalty, and increased sales. This trust-based relationship with customers can lead to a more stable and predictable revenue stream, as well as reduced customer acquisition costs over time.

Expanded Market Reach through Affiliates and Partners
Utilize the Sales Network License and Collective Achievement License to empower partners and affiliates to promote your brand's design excellence. Your partners, distributors and resellers can use the A' Design Award Winner Logo to market your products, expanding your reach to new markets and improving sales through additional distribution channels. This expanded market reach can help the brand tap into new customer segments, increase overall sales volume, and diversify its revenue sources. Remember, you are given legal license to allow your resellers, distributors and partners to use the A' Design Award Winner Logo, free of charge.

Media and Public Relations Leverage
Including the A' Design Award Winner Logo in press releases, media kits, and investor presentations is expected to increase the brand's credibility. This may attract media coverage, investor interest, and thought leadership opportunities, ultimately enhancing brand visibility and market positioning. Positive media coverage and thought leadership can lead to increased brand awareness, attracting new customers and potential partners, and ultimately driving business growth.

Internal Engagement and Retention
Showcasing the A' Design Award Winner Logo in employee training and onboarding materials fosters a culture of excellence and pride. This may increase employee pride and loyalty, leading to higher retention, better recruitment, and stronger internal engagement. A highly engaged and motivated workforce can lead to increased productivity, innovation, and customer satisfaction, all of which contribute to the brand's overall success and profitability.

ESG Score Improvement
Winning the A' Design Award demonstrates a brand's commitment to sustainability, clean innovation, usability, and durability. A' Design Award recognition can contribute to an improved ESG score, making the brand more attractive to socially conscious investors and consumers. Incorporating the A' Design Award Winner Logo in ESG reports and sustainability communications highlights the brand's achievements in sustainable design, creativity and innovation especially when you win in the relevant categories. An improved ESG score can lead to increased investment, lower borrowing costs, and a more favorable public perception, all of which can contribute to long-term financial success.

Eco-Friendly Brand Positioning
Showcasing the A' Design Award Winner Logo differentiates brands as eco-friendly and socially responsible, since sustainability is a major evaluation criteria, and of course A' Design Award has many award-categories for sustainability and clean innovation. Featuring the A' Design Award Winner Logo on eco-friendly product packaging, sustainable fashion labels, and green building materials emphasizes the brand's commitment to sustainability, attracting environmentally conscious consumers and potentially increasing market share in the green products sector. This eco-friendly brand positioning can help the brand command premium prices, increase customer loyalty, and build a strong reputation in the growing sustainable products market.

Positive Social Impact
Winning the A' Design Award for projects addressing social issues demonstrates a brand's dedication to creating positive social change. A' Design Award has many award categories recognizing excellence in social design, social innovation and social impact. Highlighting the A' Design Award Winner Logo in case studies, social impact reports, and cause-related marketing campaigns showcases the brand's efforts in driving positive social change, enhancing its reputation, and attracting customers who value social responsibility. This can lead to increased customer loyalty, positive word-of-mouth, and improved brand equity. A strong reputation for social responsibility can also attract top talent and potential partners who share the brand's values, further contributing to its success.

Thought Leadership in Sustainable Design
Winning the A' Design Award can establish a brand as a thought leader in sustainable design and innovation. Including the A' Design Award Winner Logo in thought leadership content like whitepapers, webinars, and conference presentations reinforces the brand's expertise in sustainable design, opening doors to speaking opportunities, media interviews, and partnerships. This can position the brand as an industry leader, attracting new clients and collaborators. Thought leadership can also lead to increased brand visibility, credibility, and influence within the industry, ultimately driving business growth and success.

Employee Engagement and Retention
Winning the A' Design Award for sustainable and socially responsible projects boosts employee morale. Showcasing the award logo in employee communications, recruitment materials, and company culture initiatives highlights the brand's commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, contributing to higher employee engagement and retention rates. This can lead to reduced turnover costs, improved productivity, and a stronger employer brand. Engaged and motivated employees are more likely to provide excellent customer service, generate innovative ideas, and contribute to the brand's overall success.

Competitive Advantage in Government and Institutional Contracts
Many government and institutional contracts prefer suppliers with strong ESG performance and/or award-winning works. Winning the A' Design Award provides a competitive edge when bidding for these contracts by demonstrating the brand's commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. For architectural and creative projects the A' Design Award Winner Logo communicates proven excellence. Including the A' Design Award Winner Logo in bid proposals and capability statements differentiates the brand from competitors, potentially increasing the success rate of winning contracts. Winning these contracts can lead to stable, long-term revenue streams and opportunities for further growth and expansion.

Increased Brand Loyalty and Advocacy
Consumers are increasingly loyal to brands that align with their values, particularly in sustainability and social responsibility. Featuring the A' Design Award Winner Logo, where works, products and projects are also considered for their sustainability and social value, in customer communications and loyalty program materials may reinforce the brand's commitment to sustainability, encouraging customers to become brand advocates and fostering deeper connections. This can lead to increased customer lifetime value, reduced customer acquisition costs, and a stronger brand community. A loyal and engaged customer base can provide a stable foundation for long-term business success and growth.

Investor Relations Improvement
Including the A' Design Award Winner Logo in investor relations materials and annual reports are likely to increase investor confidence. This leads to greater investor interest and potential funding due to enhanced brand credibility and recognition. Attracting socially responsible investors can provide access to new sources of capital and improve the brand's financial stability. Strong investor relations can also lead to increased shareholder value, better access to capital markets, and more favorable lending terms.

Networking Opportunities and Collaboration
Featuring the A' Design Award Winner Logo at industry conferences and trade shows improves networking prospects. This increases opportunities for new partnerships and collaboration due to the heightened reputation of the award-winning brand, product and/or project. Collaborating with other sustainable brands can lead to innovative projects, shared resources, and expanded market reach. These collaborations can result in new product development, access to new markets, and increased brand visibility, all of which contribute to business growth and success.

Intellectual Property Recognition
The A' Design Award Winner Logo serves as a form of intellectual property recognition, providing evidence of the brand's unique design and innovation. Especially because first of all the works are evaluated by a grand jury panel following blind-peer review process, combined with the fact that award winners sign a declaration and license that their works are original and that A' Design Award reviews such declarations and licenses, A' Design Award has established a reputation for recognizing original good designs. This can potentially help deter potential infringers and copycats, safeguarding the brand's competitive advantage and market position. A' Design Award further offers concealed category entry for patent pending works to protect intellectual property. Protecting intellectual property can lead to increased brand value, licensing opportunities, and potential legal advantages in case of disputes.

Attracting Top Talent
Winning the A' Design Award can help attract top talent to the brand, as designers, engineers, and other professionals seek to work for companies recognized for their design excellence and innovation. Attracting and retaining top talent can lead to increased innovation, productivity, and overall business success. A strong talent pool can also provide a competitive advantage in the market and contribute to the brand's long-term growth and profitability. A' Design Award Winner Logo could be useful in showcasing your excellence and helping you attract top talent.

International Recognition and Expansion
The A' Design Award is a globally recognized competition, and winning the A' Design Award can provide international recognition for the brand. This recognition can help the brand expand into new markets, attract international customers, and establish a global presence. International expansion can lead to increased revenue, diversification of revenue streams, and a stronger competitive position in the global market.

Portfolio Enhancement and Client Acquisition
Award-winning projects serve as proof of design excellence, especially when the award is prestigious such as the A' Design Award, where entries are voted on blind peer-review process by a grand jury panel, in a very meritocratic way, improving the perceived value of your award-winning work. Adding the A' Design Award Winner Logo to your portfolio enhances credibility, making client acquisition easier through elevated trust. Strengthening your portfolio in this way can lead to increased contracts, project bids, and the ability to command premium fees.

Networking and Collaboration Opportunities
A' Design Award winners become part of an exclusive network of talented designers and architects, design and innovation driven brands and creative agencies. Showcasing the A' Design Award Winner Logo at industry events enhances networking opportunities and collaboration prospects. Building relationships with like-minded professionals and industry leaders can lead to innovative projects, shared resources, and new partnerships that may result in expanded business opportunities and increased revenue.

Business Growth and Market Expansion
Recognition from the A' Design Award brings new business opportunities, including international expansion. Adding the A' Design Award Winner Logo to your marketing materials can help expand your client base into new markets and attract diverse clientele. This recognition can lead to increased revenue streams, improved profitability, and opportunities to grow your business globally. This especially works since A' Design Award invests heavily in promotion of award-winning works and the A' Design Award Winner Logo itself.

Strengthened Client Pitches and Proposals
Winning the A' Design Award provides creative agencies with credible validation that strengthens their pitches and proposals. Adding the A' Design Award Winner Logo to proposals increases their attractiveness to prospective clients by demonstrating proven design excellence and building trust. This leads to higher client conversion rates, resulting in more signed contracts and an improved project pipeline.

Enhanced Market Positioning and Differentiation
The A' Design Award Winner Logo differentiates creative agencies and establishes them as industry leaders. The A' Design Award Winner Logo positions your creative agency as a pioneer in design innovation and differentiates it from competitors, making it a preferred partner for clients seeking exceptional creativity. This results in an improved agency reputation, attracting premium clients and strengthening the agency's competitive advantage.

Service Portfolio Expansion and Premium Pricing
Winning the A' Design Award allows creative agencies to expand their service portfolio and offer premium pricing. The award-winning status enables agencies to offer specialized design consulting services and justifies higher fees for design projects. This results in increased revenue per project, leading to higher profitability and improved revenue streams. This especially holds true as A' Design Award is a highly prestigious award where all entries are judged on equal footing.

Access to High-Profile Collaborations and Clients
The A' Design Award connects creative agencies with high-profile collaborators and clients. Winning the A' Design Award grants agencies access to exclusive partnerships with other award-winning designers and attracts high-profile clients seeking exceptional design quality. This leads to the establishment of a prestigious client roster, resulting in increased agency influence and industry standing. Agencies can use the A' Design Award Winner Logo to access high-profile collaborations and clients.

Boosted Creative Team Morale and Talent Retention
Winning the A' Design Award inspires creative teams and improves talent retention. The recognition energizes creative teams, fostering pride in their work and creating a motivating work environment that helps agencies retain top creative talent. This results in improved team productivity, leading to higher-quality project delivery and innovative design solutions. Your team members, creatives are given permission to use the A' Design Award Winner Logo for their winning work, to help increase creative morale and boost innovation.

Global Recognition and International Business Development
The A' Design Award is globally recognized, providing creative agencies with international exposure. Winning the award elevates the agency's international reputation for design excellence and opens doors to international clients and business opportunities. When properly communicated, using the A' Design Award Winner Logo may lead to an increased international client base, resulting in diversified revenue streams and global market expansion. A' Design Awards manage and runs the World Design Rankings, and publishes results in all major languages, making it a very prominent international award for design, innovation, creativity and sustainability.

Thought Leadership in Good Design
Winning the A' Design Award establishes creative agencies as thought leaders in good design, setting industry best practices. The A' Design Award Winner Logo positions the agency as an authority in design thinking and innovation, increasing opportunities to share expertise at industry panels, speaking engagements, and conferences. This enables agencies to influence design trends and contribute to the establishment of best practices within the industry. A' Design Award Winner Logo enhances agency credibility and reputation, leading to more significant partnerships, high-value projects, and increased influence on a global scale.

Agency Branding and Identity Strengthening
Winning the A' Design Award enhances an agency's brand and identity. The A' Design Award Winner Logo reinforces the agency's authority as a design innovator and shapes its brand identity around award-winning design excellence. This results in an elevated agency reputation, leading to stronger client relationships and industry influence.

Design Leadership and Expertise Recognition
The A' Design Award establishes creative agencies as leaders in design thinking and expertise. Winning the A' Design Award increases chances of participation in industry panels and speaking engagements, positioning the agency as a trusted advisor in creative and strategic design. This improves agency credibility, leading to more significant industry partnerships and high-value projects.

Enhanced Client Retention and Upsell Potential
The A' Design Award Winner Logo improves client retention and upsell potential for creative agencies. The recognition builds deeper client trust and loyalty, making clients more receptive to additional services and project upgrades. This results in increased client lifetime value, leading to more stable and predictable revenue streams. Winning the A' Design Award further honors your clients, helping with their promotion and publicity.

Award-Winning Creative Culture Development
Winning the A' Design Award and obtaining the A' Design Award Winner Logo fosters an award-winning creative culture within agencies and research and development departments of enterprises as well as professional partnerships and design studios. The recognition encourages a culture of creativity, innovation, and excellence while inspiring teams to consistently produce award-winning designs. This leads to higher agency creativity, resulting in more innovative projects and sustained client success.

Design Innovation Funding and Investment Opportunities
The A' Design Award recognition attracts funding and investment opportunities for creative agencies. Winning the A' Design Award may potentially allow agencies access to grants and funding programs for design innovation, and investors see award-winning agencies as low-risk, high-return opportunities. This results in improved financial stability, allowing agencies to invest in new technologies and expand their design capabilities.

A' Design Award Winner Logo is free for laureates, and it works.

Overall, the A' Design Award offers a wide range of benefits that can lead to increased brand value, business growth, and long-term success for brands, creative agencies, and individual designers. By leveraging the A' Design Award logo to highlight their achievements in sustainability, clean innovation, usability, and durability, brands can improve their ESG score, differentiate themselves in the market, attract socially conscious customers and investors, and drive positive environmental and social change. The recognition from the A' Design Award provides a powerful platform for brands to showcase their commitment to ESG principles and establish themselves as leaders in sustainable design and innovation, ultimately leading to long-term business success and a positive impact on society and the environment. The benefits of winning the A' Design Award extend beyond the immediate recognition and differentiation, providing a wide range of advantages that can contribute to the brand's overall success, profitability, and growth. The A' Design Award also provides leverage for media and public relations, enhancing brand visibility and market positioning. Internally, showcasing the logo fosters a culture of excellence and pride, leading to higher employee retention and stronger engagement. For creative agencies, design studios and architects, the A' Design Award strengthens client pitches and proposals, enhances market positioning, and allows for service portfolio expansion and premium pricing. It also grants access to high-profile collaborations and clients, boosts creative team morale, and provides global recognition and international business development opportunities.

A' Design Award Winner Logo is Free for Laureates
The A' Design Award Winner Logo is provided free to laureates with an unlimited, perpetual license. This valuable branding asset helps laureates showcase their achievement in good design and differentiate themselves in the market. Agencies, enterprises and individuals can use the logo across their marketing materials, portfolios, and business communications to highlight their award-winning status without any recurring fees or restrictions. It works.




Laurel Wreath Winner Logo
A' Design Award & Competition Laureates are able to freely use the A' Design Award Winner Logo for their communication and marketing to help them distinct themselves by good design.

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